Winter Wardrobe Style Staples

Liena Snow Winter Style Liena Snow Winter Style Liena Snow Winter Style Liena Snow Winter Style

My Current Fave Fashion Pieces

It is so interesting to explore style and fashion. The style is everchanging, style is a like a personality, so unique it is part of us and, even extension of us. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to explore and learn about fashion and style. I might not be strong enough to go to shops but I have access to the internet. And that gives me the opportunity to discover and learn so much! And the best and most exciting part is that I can share style adventures and my journey with you.

I have been thinking and brainstorming about what I wish Liena Snow Blog to give to the world. I wish to share, happiness and joy. I wish to share an inspiration for style and fashion. I adore fashion and find it so interesting, especially how a person can express themselves through the style.

I like winter season wardrobe because we can layer a lot of different pieces. Add chunky scarfs or colourful oversized bags to our outfits. And there are endless opportunities to explore different styles of coats and favourite boots.

What is your most worn winter wardrobe clothing?

Lots of love xx

Here are some of my current favourite super pretty coats and boots:

And some current favourite accessories:

Liena Snow Winter Style