Winter Wardrobe Faves and Best Time

liena snow style liena snow style liena snow style liena snow style

Clothes for Season after Season

One more season for trusted and loved camel coat. I like this coat so much that it appears in my wardrobe one season after another winter season. It is so amazing that I have clothes that I can wear for a long time and really enjoy them. I am trying to be more conscious of how well I take care of my clothes and be more aware of where and how often I buy pieces. Learning more about ethical fashion and how fast fashion impacts people and the world around has been really eye-opening.

I have been reading lots of blogs and learning about the impacts of the fashion industry and how each of us and our choices impacts communities and world. Fashion Revolution is doing great work and is a good resource if you would like to find out and learn more. My next step is to put my knowledge into action. And apply ethical fashion choices into my own life and hopefully inspire you and others around.

As someone that adores fashion, I feel really passionate about this topic and feel that I could do more good and learn a lot. I will try to blog about ethical fashion more as well and learn about brands that are ethical.

This weekend I spend some time with my mum, so, so happy about it. Family time and spending time with loved ones is the best! I miss her so much and I am getting the best Christmas present – my mum will be visiting me in Brighton. I am looking forward to Christmas so much!

Do you have any ethical fashion brands that you know of and like? Let’s learn and explore together.

Lots of love to you all xx

Here are some of my current favourite coat designs:

Some inspiration of my camel coat:

Fave backpacks:

liena snow style