Summer Skincare Favourites

Liena Snow

Liena Snow

Products That I Have Been Loving Lately

Summer is fully here and spoiling us with amazing sunshine and clear blue sky. I try to keep my skincare routine and products as simple and natural as possible. And I prefer to wear minimal makeup in the summer. And always looking and trying new products and I like to change products as switching things up gives great results. I would finish something get something else and if I really liked the product before I would reintroduce it after a while. Especially I like to change products I use for my hair as I find hair really quickly adapts to the different treatments. For the best skin and hair care, I find always works natural plant oils my all time favourite is coconut oil.

I am a big fan on fake tanning all year around but especially summer time. I like tanning, I like how bronzed skin looks and feels. But to find a perfect tanning product is a challenging. I find with tanning products you can’t go after recommendations because for every person and skin type it looks different. And I find that tanning solution reacts differently from person skin type as well. I am always on the lookout for a new product.

Let me know in the comments what are your summer favourite products? What products would be on your wishlist?

Much love. Hugs xx

See some of my current favourites here:

And this is my ultimate wishlist for summer products that I am currently swooning over and can’t wait to try:

Liena Snow Liena Snow