Summer Dresses

Liena Snow Liena Snow Liena Snow Liena Snow

And Feeling Beautiful

The wonderful feeling of happiness. The feeling of wearing an outfit that makes you float in the air and feel like the princess, feel like a queen of your own magical kingdom. I hope this doesn’t sound shallow. The best accessory no doubt is a smile. But sometimes wearing a right pair of shoes a bold cat eyeliner or wonderful perfume lifts your soul and just converts into happiness. I love that feeling I love being so confident in your own skin that you could give a light and empower everything and everyone around you. I think appreciating our mind and body is so important. That what I strive for every day. Despite all the health struggles I strive for feeling wonderful and reaching for the sky.

This outfit is so simple just a summer dress. No makeup. No hairstyle. We shot it on a very hot day after the seaside visit. But it feels wonderful I love feeling like a princess in my heart. Since my childhood, since I remember myself I love that feeling. I think is just pure joy and love for yourself and world around you.

Do you have something or someone that gives you that inner glow that shines on the outside? What empowers you? Let me know I would love to know.

Much love. Hugs xx

Here is loads and you can see lots of my favourite summer dresses:

Liena Snow