Style Resolutions for New Year

Liena Snow Style Liena Snow Style Liena Snow Style Liena Snow Style

And to have fun!

This post is a style promise for this New Year and I thought it could be interesting to write and explore where I see my personal style venturing. Last year I think I have learnt a lot and found the fashion and style that I really like and enjoy. The style that gives me confidence and I found I would say fashion sense even. And most importantly style that brings joy and makes me really happy and excited!

There is so much more to explore and learn. I have promised myself to just be me and dream big and that means dress the way I wish and really like. I feel like I have let insecurities to take upper hand. I am declaring to myself that my dreams are enough. And wish to be Elle Woods inspired Disney princess in Gossip Girl is awesome motivation. I have made a promise for this 2018 just let myself to be myself and that means to dress the way I like. And keep on learning and creating and enjoy every moment.

Here is my style promise to learn, explore and keep on dreaming:

I am so excited and happy that I am finding confidence in myself and my style and fashion sense.

This year I would like to focus on curating a wardrobe consisting of timeless pieces.

Quality over quantity. Better to buy less and invest wisely in timeless pieces.

Embrace the colours I like. My taste mainly consists of white, black, pink, red, navy and nude tones, gold and rose gold. These are most dominant colours in the wardrobe.

Learn about ethical brands and fashion.

Explore the style I like and try new styles. And create the wardrobe that reflects my personality. And to be proud of my style.

I wish to create the style posts and videos I love and would like to inspire you. I wish to create lookbooks and ‘create the look’ videos of Disney and Gossip Girl. Would you be interested in watching this kind of videos?

Lots of love and hugs xx

Here is a big, big inspiration board of style for this year. And all so pretty and exciting:


Amazing Shoes and bags:

I love to wear dresses:

And some of my dream gowns:

Beautiful accessories and stunning jewellery:

Liena Snow Style