Spring Wardrobe and Life Update

Liena Snow

Even the smallest of changes can make a big difference

I love the spring in the air! There is so much more sunshine filled warmer days and oh, so petty sunsets in Brighton. I adore and enjoy these little moments of happiness burst in the day! And it gives positive energy and leaves a lasting effect and the mood for rest of the day. And could cheer up the whole week ahead and people around us as well! This is a time when I can see world waking up after winter and it is wonderful and very welcomed change!

Wardrobe changes. Well, I am changing it all, literally selling all the pieces that are in my closet and I am thinking of just having few outfits that I really like and enjoy wearing rather than just look at. Lot of clothes that I have are new and never worn ‘pre-new me’ bought and no longer fit but I hope they could make a wonderful home somewhere else and be worn and enjoyed. Check my Depop Store here. I am slowly uploading clothes and there is more to come!

The bit more difficult life update. Its been a bit of setback in my recovery recently. I am so, so tired that daily tasks take all the strength and I can’t plan anything more than just necessity. Unfortunately, it means missing University lectures, worship at St Peter’s and even Alpha course. I miss having energy and hopefully, soon I will be able to do more. Washing a hair is even a proper workout these days. I hope and pray that soon my wellbeing will take a turn to getting better and I will feel stronger. And Spring in the air is a great support for more joyful mood!

Do you like Spring and are you looking forward to the Summer?

Sending you lots of love and hugs xx

Here are some of my Spring wardrobe inspirations: