Spring is here for Mother’s Day

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Most Lovely Weekend

Early March is a wonderful time of the year. World around us starts to wake up after long wintertime. After snowstorms across Great Britain last week, this week sunshine is peaking through the clouds. Snow is melting, birds chirping and I am hoping that soon we will see daffodils appearing as well.

I would wish to spend this mother day with my mum but I have moved to Brighton and now there is some distance between us. We speak every day I like modern technology because it keeps communication so accessible even if we are far apart. If I would spend this day with mum I would plan a magical afternoon tea, a wonderful and hopefully sunshine walk by the seafront. A day filled with a lot of laughter, singing along to Disney songs, watching fun movies and eating good food. I miss my mum so much!

My mum sent me some photos of her home and snow and cold is still there. A bit further up to North in Europe winter is still going strong. I am so happy that in Brighton Spring has sprung and soon beautiful Cherry Blossoms will cheer up the world with pretty pink hues.

Sending you lot of love xx

Some inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts:

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