Sparkly Golden and Pink Tones for Spring Season

Liena Snow Style Liena Snow Style Liena Snow Style

And Looking Forward to Sunshine

With spring season approaching I wish to create and have my hair with a fresh set of highlights and blonde curls again but I really feel the excitement to welcome light colours into my wardrobe as well. A plan for an hour later today in the afternoon is to book hairdressers appointment and make a cup of hot cocoa and to voyage upon my favourite activity. And that is to browse all the favourite online clothing stores and fashion boutiques for spring and summer season new style finds.

For this Spring season, I wish to create my wardrobe with lot of white, light cream and blush pink tones. Delicate rose gold and golden sparkly accessories. No more navy and red I just do not find these colours inspiring at the moment. Create style quite opposite to the outfit in these photos, and you might notice some new pieces on my Depop soon. I adore the coats and scarfs, backpacks but for next season I have promised myself to create a wardrobe of light colour tones as much as I can. I think clothes leave an impact on our mood as well and introducing pink and cream hues will create lighter my personal outlook as well. And I am so, so excited for longer, warmer and sunshine filled spring days!

What tones do you like to wear? What is your current favourite colour?

Have a wonderful day! Lots of love xx

Here is a vision board and style inspiration for spring season. Some pieces of my current faves in fashion: