Prints and Greyscale

Liena Snow Liena Snow Liena Snow Liena Snow

Styling Neutral Tones

It could be a bit uninspiring sometimes to style monochrome palette but mix with some bold print and it makes a great outfit. Simple and classic with a little twist. And add lots more fun vibes!

There is a very sunny heatwave in Europe right now and it is so lovely. As someone who has a bit on the paler side skin tone weather like this is super exciting to soak in some sunshine and get that tan. Summer is just amazing I would say Christmas is my favourite time of the year but I just love the summer. But then again I say that about every season. I will stop typing I feel this post doesn’t make a lot of sense now. I am talking about random bits and bobs. Let’s get swimwear on and enjoy the day! And wear that bikini with confidence. That is one of my personal goals for this summer whenever I am wearing a swiming costume I will wear it with so much confidence and love my body and how I feel. Even there is still a long way to go to get those muscles and strength back. I will do my best and rock that confidence and you my loves do the same.

Let me know in the comments what is your current favourite colour palette to style?

Have an amazing day! Sending you lots of love xx

Here are some pieces inspired by this outfit: