Pretty and Sparkly Accessories

Liena Snow Style Liena Snow Style Liena Snow Style Liena Snow Style

Blush pink, hearts and stars

Happy weekend loves! Every morning I am taking a step to fall in love with life itself again and again. Positive affirmations, fun pop music and great Disney films, good nutritious breakfast are just some of the habits that set the day on the right track. Early mornings are amazing and I try to do as many things as possible that keep me inspired for rest of the day from the moment I open my eyes usually with the sunrise. I do have to say that time since New Years has been very overwhelming and that does affect my sleep, feels that even ten to twelve hours at night are not enough. But moving homes and University assignments should all be done by end of the month and I am looking forward to breathing freely and have a good sleep again soon.

January days when sunshine is hiding behind the clouds I am dreaming of brightening everyday outfits with fun accessories with my endless love for blush pink and sparkles. Cloudy days in January calls for glittering rose gold pieces. See my big dream edit of oh so pretty accessories.

Do you have daily morning habits that you really like? And let’s share our favourite accessories in the comments. Let me know what your current faves are. Have an amazing weekend!

Lots of love xx

Here are lots of inspo for accessories with lots of sparkle, fun and my fave pink vibes.

Some amazing backpacks and booties:

Favourite scarfs, hats, eyewear and beautiful jewels: