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Hey Loves! I am on a quest to buy a blush pink Princess coat for this Spring season. With constantly changing weather and sometimes unpredictable light showers that turns into heavy rains. And then sunshine more and more peaking through the clouds lately as well it can get a bit confusing.

I am really looking forward to Spring in my wardrobe and adding some bright colours. This is what this post is about. I am looking for a spring coat or jacket. I know I wish it to be in pink hues and looking pretty maybe some florals. I am on a tight budget right now so looking for Princess blush pink vibes and quality material and practicality as well. Due to the constant change of weather, I do have to keep practicality in mind. So the search begins, so exciting!

In the photos above, you can see my fave coat from past Spring season that definitely will be making an appearance this season as well.

What are your thoughts? Do you like and wear pink outerwear?

Lots of love xx

Here are my top faves that I want all but I need to find the one and only.

Liena Snow

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