Oversized Blazer And Boyfriend Jeans

liena snow style fashion ootd jeans blazer liena snow style fashion ootd jeans blazer

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In Light and Bright Colours

Today’s look is a bit of a surprise for me a very chilled outfit vibes. I feel it’s too relaxed for me but is so great sometimes to dress something completely different as I usually would. That is so much fun and great about fashion.

I consider fashion an amazing form of art that gives an opportunity and way to express our character and style every day. To explore and discover to change and reinvent. I see fashion as this magical world of tales and stories and ever evolving. There is this living princess in my heart that will always look for perfect dress and shoes to lift the world around. I could write endlessly how amazing it feels to dress and find outfits that make you feel a like a diamond. It just so lovely to be able to become a stylist and hopefully a designer one day! So thankful and grateful for this little space for exploring and learning. Gives so much happiness.

Do you have an outfit that you have worn lately that has surprised you?

Lots of love babes xx

Here is some relaxed vibes outfit inspiration:

liena snow style fashion ootd jeans blazer