A Love Letter To Brighton

Liena Snow Brighton Sunset Liena Snow Brighton Sunset Liena Snow Brighton Sunset

The Best Place to Call My Home

I love living in Brighton! I have never felt this before about any city that I have lived in. Living in Brighton feels amazing even on rainy days. I feel like for a first time in my life I have truly found a home. I love waking up in the morning and I have a ‘pinch me moment’ that this is my home. It is an incredible feeling, pure joy and happiness!

The Sea

Seaside is my Happy place! The sound of waves and walks down the seafront are pure bliss. I still sometimes get confused do I live by sea or ocean? That is one question that I am looking answer to. Brighton has amazing pastel blue colour sea. And water changes colour every day it’s incredible! And here are most beautiful sunsets!

St Peter’s Church

I do not have family living in Brighton with me but I have found my family at St Peter’s Church in Brighton. It is most amazing Church and I have met most wonderful people there. And couple weeks ago I had my Baptism as well. Such a special place, forever in my heart!

The Lanes

So many lovely stores and Fashion Boutiques can be found strolling around The Lanes. The Lanes are filled with one of the kind shops you can find here clothes, art and different design pieces like nowhere else. It would be a dream come true and so amazing to have my own clothing collection selling in stores here as well one day!


Moving away from London was difficult as I didn’t know anyone in Brighton but this city has an incredible community and people are so friendly. Slowly settling in and finding my feet on the ground in the town I can say that I have made friends as well. I am so, happy with it because I find due to my anxiety very challenging to communicate with others. Being in loving and friendly community is so incredible!

I wish it to everyone to find a place that you truly love and are so happy to call your home.

Where do you live in the world and where do you feel most at home?

Lots of love xx

Some style pieces inspired by beautiful Brighton city and colourful sunsets:

Liena Snow Brighton Sunset