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And Not Giving Up Till I Do Find

I missed you and blogging so much feels like I haven’t written a post in ages. I have been settling into my new hometown. I have to say I love Brighton! It is an amazing place, I remember I once heard that this town is filled with pastel colours (my kind of favourite shades) and it is true, the sea, the sky, the houses in town are all so pretty. And people are so lovely.

I am on a quest (if I can call it like that) right now to gain weight. Situation lately has gotten quite challenging I find that my weight is an actual issue and I struggle to go through my day without feeling exhausted and extremely tired. I find daily activities require so much strength that is a big task instead of just day to day normal life. I am seeking professional help and hopefully together with doctors support I can gain some weight back and get stronger. I miss being energized. Despite this obstacle I am super happy and enjoying my new home so much.

Here is a very simple outfit. An old top from Zara and skirt I don’t remember where I got those from. All dark tones but unpacking clothes reveals lot more colours as well. Looking forward to taking lot more outfit photos.

Hope you having an amazing day! Much love xx

Here is some outfit inspo:

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