Inspiration and Aspiring Princess

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Beige and More Butterflies in this Outfit

Recently I have been trying to establish what my blog and Liena Snow stands for and how I could sum this little world of joy up in a couple of sentences, it would sound something like this:

‘Liena Snow is an aspiring artist, princess and fashion lover, that likes to take photos, film videos and write about personal style and beauty. This blog is a space for exploring, discovering and learning. And I hope we can share some inspiration!’

I keep hearing a lot about that personal brand should be clearly established and understandable. Well, I am still growing and constantly learning and see so much more space for development that I find sometimes challenging how exactly should I put everything that I stand for in words. I should put a previous paragraph in my ‘About’ page, I like how this sums up what this blog is. I am finding so much inspiration in Disney and good-hearted princess that it had to be included.

Let’s share and let me know in the comments what inspires you currently. Have a lovely day!

Lots of love xx

See some pieces inspired by this outfit here: