In Love with Pink

liena snow liena snow liena snow

And All I Wish Is To Feel Ok And I Will

Apparently colour yellow is taking over from pink but I just like the pink too much to let it go so easily. Pink outfit or accessories instantly lift my spirits, brightens day and mood. And just outfits look so good in pink shades, especially lovely pastels. Ultimate, go-to colour for me used to be off-white and ivory tones. It has changed a lot from past seasons.

On the other not so fun update, it has been challenging week. Or in the other words anxiety has been challenging me. Trying to finding the right words to tell this. I do not think there even is the correct way how to write or talk about mental health. I just wish to scream out loud sometimes how tired I am of living in constant state of panic. I just wish to breathe. To take a deep breath and not to feel that it disappears in me but I wish to exhale as well. But not to dwell on this. I like to concentrate on taking in all the good moments. Taking one day at the time and above all enjoy the life and not let the illness take over.

I want to and need to work on images and taking photos. Anxiety drains energy so fast plus adds sleeping difficulties and that has led to a lack of productivity. Upcoming days I will take any opportunity to take more photos and shoot outfits. I just love that so much. Takes all the worries away and leaves wonderful space for creativity. And of course to share my love for all things fashion and this special pink post 🙂

How are you? Do you like to wear pink clothes and accessories?

Sending you lots love angels xx

See some of my faves in lots of lovely shades of pink here:

liena snow