Here it is, Gingham and Vlogging

liena snow liena snow liena snow liena snow

Suprised Myself As Well with Wearing Gingham

I have been eyeing and looking at Gingham prints all summer thinking how does everyone styles it so well and make it look great. I came a cross one of my own dresses in small Gingham print hiding in my wardrobe. This dress could be great to style with some bold accessories as well. So I decided it has to be worn before summer ends and before we are getting so excited for autumn clothes to reaper on the horizon. I am looking forward to autumn so much and let’s not start talking about Christmas. I am already watching some festive holiday movies and it is only August. I love summer but when it comes to an end I get a fuzzy feeling of festive season approaching and that is bringing so much happiness.

I have felt so inspired recently to start vlogging again. I was vlogging earlier this year but never end up sharing the videos. This time I am determined to pick up my phone and just do it and share the experiences, personal style and my life with you. I find something so exciting, welcoming and friendly in photo and video camera and talking and sharing my thoughts. I do not know what is that but it just feels great. Maybe because I do not have a lot of friends and taking photos, filming videos, reading books, watching vlogs feels like having a friend. I think that is an appeal in vlogging we just wish to be understood, heard and listen to and have a communication and build friendships.

I would love to know. Do you watch vlogs and who is your most watched vloggers? Would you consider vlogging yourself?

Lots of love xx

Here are some fun and pretty Gingham pieces:

liena snow