Golden Hour Flare

liena snow fashion style outfit ootd flare

liena snow fashion style outfit ootd flare

Capturing Magical Photo Moments

When it comes to photography sunsets and golden hour light is a beautiful time to take photos. To have an outfit photoshoot in golden hour light is amazing and almost guaranteed to get lovely shots. I really like this outfit and flare coat it is feminine, in light tones and still warm for this unpredictable weather.

This week has been a big reminder of how far I have come in terms of recovery from illness but how much I still have to work on. Not only physically getting more stronger but how far I have come in dealing with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. I try to make little milestones every day and challenge myself to do more things out of my comfort zone. I just sometimes wish if illness could go away for few minutes and I could feel great, just free. That’s where photography plays a big role, I feel amazing in capturing moments and taking shots, I am fully in the moment.

Next week I am spending few days by the sea, my happy place! Super exciting for lots of photo opportunities and wonderful flare light shots to capture. Looking forward to it!

What are your favourite photos to take?

Have a lovely day! Lots of love xx

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