Festive Occasion Style

liena snow style liena snow style liena snow style liena snow style

A Wish to Host Event

A wish. And yes the opportunities given are endless. An evening with friends, family dinner, birthdays, work parties and most favourite – weddings! Let’s find a dress and put on those dancing shoes and plan a festive evening!

I do love Christmas time and festive season. And I do like events, I always like to follow along other bloggers on their Instagram or YouTube to different places and parties they attend. It looks so fun and amazing! Personally, for me, this time of the year does not involve a lot of social outings but that is for most of the year anyway. My life is very much at home.

But anxiety aside it is so amazing to have social occasions to plan an evening out or party at home. Have a family dinner or festive occasion with friends. I think all fun and wonderful events are so amazing. I have a dream that one day soon I will feel strong enough to host my own event, maybe a dinner with friends or a Birthday party. The season of festive occasions are here and it so magical!

What are your favourite social occasions?

Lots of love xx

Here are some the dresses and accessories that would be an absolute dream to wear.

Beautiful dresses (a lot of sparkling here):

And gorgeous accessories favourite shoes and bags:

liena snow style