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Liena Snow Liena Snow

And A Reminder to Dream Big

This week packing a lot of clothes, first of all, made me face the fact that I have way more than I thought. And some pieces I found are amazing and so pretty that I am a bit surprised at myself why I am not wearing them more often. Wearing something that you adore and making and effort for any occasion is always so nice and uplifting.

Life events sometimes take a turn and do not go the way they planned. But I am so optimistic that everything will work out and turn out the way it should. Surprisingly I am so calm about everything that is happening. As someone who struggles with anxiety. And it is been quite challenging lately I am so collected and even proud of myself for just getting trough everything. I just feel happy.

I am always on the hunt and lookout for fashion inspiration. It gives new ideas, increases productivity and just provides opportunities to create new things. When I scroll trough media I most admire Blake Lively, Emma Watson, and Kate Middleton and their fashion endeavors. Their style I find so inspiring and stunning! And I am also very inspired by other bloggers but on that topic in the different post.

Now more packing and enjoying settling into the new home. Even if I am staying at this house for summer it is nice to be by the sea again. I am still looking for a long-term home. Keep on working, looking and trying. And taking lots of photos I really miss making outfit posts. And above all keep on dreaming big!

Who are your current fashion inspirations?

Have an amazing day!

Lots of love. Hugs xx

Here are some of my current favourite pieces:

Liena Snow