Dreams for New Year 2018

Liena Snow Style 2018 Liena Snow Style 2018 Liena Snow Style 2018 Liena Snow Style 2018

And Being In The Moment

Mondays are my favourite days and this year Monday is 1st of January! This is a double amazing way to start the New Year! I haven’t made a new resolutions for this new year. I still would like to continue the ones that I wrote for the past year. In 2018 I would like to focus on happiness and being in the moment. On settling in Brighton and spending time with loved ones. Creating videos and blog posts with great style and lots of pink and sparkles.

Here is what I wish to focus on in 2018:

Settling in my new Hometown Brighton.

Love and Family.

Health and Fitness.

Blog and Videos.

Dream, explore, discover and create the content we love!

I would like to aspire more and more to create a style blog and vlog. Making videos is a big dream and it hasn’t changed since 2014. It is still here and I need to spend more time on to creating the content we love and hope to inspire you as well and share love, positivity and, good vibes.

I would like to build social media and Liena Snow Blogosphere as a creative, positive and, joyful place. Where we can talk all things, style, fashion, beauty and life.

What would you like to focus on this year?

Lots of love and hugs xx

Well, a bit of light pink. My 1st of January outfit inspo: