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Travelling and Anxiety

I love reading a travel blog posts and watching travel diaries and vlogs so much. I feel like I am going to visit places through the posts and videos.

I would with all my heart like to say that travelling is amazing. In these days my only way of getting around is by walking which is great. But there always is the explorer in me who would like to jump on the plane and just go somewhere in the world and live experiences that travelling offers.

Discovering new places in Paris or lounging in the sun on the beach in the Mediterranean or going for a hike in the mountains somewhere in Scotland. Opportunities are endless. One day I will overcome my fear and anxiety to travel and will go on a spontaneous trip somewhere.

Anxiety and travelling I find are one of the most challenging combos in my life. I struggle to even get in the car for five minutes. Slowly working on the length I can walk and hopefully soon I will be able to get on the bus maybe. But for now, I travel through my laptop screen. I love that about digital and social media it can broaden horizons of your location.

I have been thinking of creating series of posts about Brighton. Some places to visit something like a travel guide. Posts on local attractions, national parks and restaurants. I hope you would enjoy reading those posts.

Let’s have a conversation in the comments. Do you like to travel and what is your dream destination to go to?

Much love xx

One of the most fun is to pack some new outfits for next travelling adventure. Here would be some of my favourites for, well unknown destination for now.

Some faves for city exploring:

And of course some outfits for sandy beaches and island getaways:

liena snow travel