Blue, Green and Pastel Roses

Liena Snow Liena Snow Liena Snow Liena Snow

Mondays are Great

It is a new week! I like Mondays so much it is always great to get to back to work and create a new amazing content. My favourite to create are fashion posts and style different outfits and of course, take lots of photos. Also, Mondays are great for reset or for starting something new, set goals and go get things done. This week I am hoping to receive a positive answer from the most wonderful lady that I had a room viewing on the weekend. Viewing for my dream room in Brighton and it is so lovely, cosy, full of light and by the sea. The room and house is an absolute perfection and would be amazing to call it my home as well.

Here is a casual day look combining lots of different tones blue, green, dove gray, black and small golden accents. Have been capturing beautiful moments in the photos and some stunning roses from my mums garden as well. She is amazing at designing landscape and taking care of different plants and flowers. Can’t wait to see her. As soon as I can I will invite her to Brighton she will love it here as much as I do.

Do you have something you wish to achieve or start this week?

Have a great week my loves. Lots of love xx

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Liena Snow Liena Snow