liena snow autumn liena snow autumn

The Update

Hope you are all very well and enjoying the joys of autumn season. The crisp morning air and the changing colours of leaves. It is so nice to introduce autumn wardrobe pieces back in our style. I have been a bit absent on the blog as my move to the new city has taken a lot of strength and I constantly feel a need to rest. Even twelve hours of sleep and I feel like I just wish to rest more. Hopefully, soon I will regain more strength.

I love Brighton and I am so happy about my decision and move here. The moving to new hometown has been very exciting but also very tiring. I am slowly settling in. I am still looking for a cozy home and with all my heart hope that soon I will find the loving place. I am very happy to say that I have found an amazing community and people in the heart of Brighton. Now I need to get my courage together and start making friends.

These past few weeks are times of lots of new and exciting things coming into my life. It is a start of The University. Can’t believe I am a Postgraduate student for next two years. I feel so grateful and full of joy to be able to study further and be given this exciting opportunity. I will write more about my studies when it will all start and I will start making projects. An amazing thing is my studies are part of my blog. My blog is part of my studies at Digital Media Arts. I am so, so looking forward to it!

Let me know in the comments how you been and what is your favourite autumn fashion piece.

Have a lovely day. Lots of love xx

Here are some of my favorite autumn fashion finds:

liena snow autumn