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It is Great to Take a Step Aside

I am so thankful, this week I have been spending a couple of days by the sea and it makes me so happy. A weather might be cold and rainy but it is great anyway. For past week I have been sleeping quite badly and I feel like I should rethink and evaluate my daily routine and habits that might affect sleep and feeling energized. I am really happy and in good mood just a bit tired and feeling sleepy all the time and that is not healthy in long term. I am taking a step aside and looking what I can do to improve my wellbeing.

Some tips that I have found helpful:

  1. Go to bed early and just sleep more
  2. Exercise and spend time more outdoors
  3. Less screen time (especially evenings)
  4.  Evening Meditation (and morning as well)
  5. Have a cup of Chamomile tea in the evening

How has your week been? Do you have any good sleep habits you like?

Sending you lots of love. Hugs xx

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