Amazing Dream Opportunities

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And Blogger Collaborations

So exciting to see incredible bloggers, artists, filmmakers to create amazing content and achieve success with their work. So many creators are launching their own companies, creating business opportunities, art and style on the way! And all the remarkable collaborations that are happening all around us are just making me so happy and proud of all the work and achievements of wonderful people. It’s amazing to see so many involved in L’Oreal and their Beauty Squad campaigns. And to see creators raise awareness for Mind Charity. And so so much more!

Some campaigns have been so exciting to follow along and to see come to life. I adore Victoria and ‘In the Frow’ blog and designer Strathberry collaboration and beautiful accessories and handbags they created #STRATHBERRYxINTHEFROW. In these photos, I feature one of my recent purchases and oh so pretty makeup bag and collaboration between lovely Lydia Elise Millen and brand Elizabeth Arden #ARDENxLYDIA. And YouTube legend Casey Neistat starts a new ‘368’ creative adventure today and I look forward to seeing it. I love Zoë Sugg and she has built whole empire and brand ‘Zoella’ and it is so amazing! And I have to mention my sister at heart Amber Scholl, Amber is creating fun and joyous videos and I love her personality!

So many incredible creators are changing the world and I have to say I really like to be one of them one day. It might be a bit mindless dream to have. But to have a freedom to create and being able to live life and say that I am an artist and creator and call it my job and occupation. Oh, wow! It would be pure happiness and joy to do so!

 This is where social media and a whole world of digital arts play a big part. I love social media and opportunities that industry gives and opens so many doors. I hope one day there will be opportunities like these and I will be able to create Disney inspired vlogs and Elle Woods inspired fashion collections. All the dreams that I have! I wish I would have the strength for all and I will. Keep on working and creating and maybe one day my Disney Princess dreams come true!

Wish you and hope your dreams come true as well! Can’t wait to see what is more to come and see all the amazing artist, blogger and filmmaker creations!

Sending you all my love xx

I am still on a search for my perfect Spring coat. Here are some style inspo and pieces that I hope maybe have in wardrobe as well:

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