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Liena Snow Style Liena Snow Style Liena Snow Style Liena Snow Style

Comfy Coats and Pretty Accessories

These are my favourite posts to create – style, fashion and, lots of outfits! I have found some of my current favourite coats and you can see how would be so amazing to style them with different pieces and some accessories. I like the bold details and colours of the coats. And they look so comfy and cute as well. Which are your favourite coats at the moment?

Hope you all having a great day. An anticipation to Christmas is growing by a minute, I love this time of the year. So cozy! My mum is visiting for Christmas and it is so, so lovely. I am so grateful that she took time to travel to see me. So happy!

Have the most wonderful holidays and very Merry Christmas! I will try to make one more post this weekend before holidays start.

Lots of love xx

Teddy Bear Pink Look:

Red shade:

Fluffy, cute and pretty: