Afternoon Walk

liena snow outfit style fashion ootd health

liena snow outfit style fashion ootd health

Daily Little Happiness Habits

Every day I am going for a walk. It is a part of my daily routine, it is such a simple task but so beneficial not only getting outdoors into a fresh air and moving but it helps to improve my health.

This week is Mental Heath Awareness Week, I think it so important to talk about Mental Health. I am beyond grateful for the support that has been given to me, it has changed my life for better and helped me so much. If I would have sought professional help ten years ago and would have shared my concerns about my health and how I feel I wouldn’t have been in this situation now. But then again I might won’t be writing this then, it got me here and made me stronger, that’s why I wouldn’t change what happened. There was right support for me and I am so thankful for it and all the amazing professionals that work every day to help so many. I hope everyone who needs it gets the support and right attention.

My daily dose of exercising I try to fit in the morning but afternoon walk is a little joyful habit. If I can spare only ten, twenty minutes to it I will. It helps to focus, clears my mind and feels great especially now that weather is finally getting so much nicer and the sunshine is spoiling us these days. For this afternoon walk, I wrapped up in cosy, warm, faux fur jacket and one of my favourite comfy boots.

Hope you having an amazing day! Let me know what is your favourite daily habits?

Lots of love xx

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 liena snow outfit style fashion ootd health