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My Aspiration To Become Stronger

Here are some of my Monday motivation thoughts and dreaming of days when I will run to ballet class and will be able fully to enjoy it and all the joy, happiness that dance, movement and activities bring. I think our bodies are amazing and going through illness has given me so much more appreciation for my body and how great it is to be healthy and strong. The truth is that my life is controlled by my capability not to be able to do much at this moment. It has been a lot of improvement and strength already but I still feel so weak and easily tired most of the times. In all honesty, the one thing that really worries me is a loss of balance and losing reality and falling over, it is so scary sometimes. But I see these symptoms going away if I eat more and improve my quality of sleep as well not just increasing activity levels. Sorry, this post is not about my health challenges it is to take a moment to celebrate our bodies and amazing things we can do and achieve. And favourite to share some Activewear Style inspiration as well.

Working out is pretty much non-existent in my life right now. I am really looking forward to strength and getting all the happy endorphins from working out one day again. But when I have a moment of strength to go for a bit of walk or maybe do ten squats it feels great to be able to do even a little bit. I hope there are dance classes in my near future I adore ballet so much looking forward to learning and dancing.

Happy Monday! Lots of love xx

Here is some pretty activewear inspiration. I think the pink style and bright colours can be worn everywhere that at least I am trying to introduce in my wardrobe right now.

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